Research axes

Asian Influence and circulation

Asian states and socio-economic actors of modernization models and dynamics that need to be deciphered in order to interact with them more effectively. Capitalizing on a growing potential for scientific and technological innovation, developing original systems of organization or social control, these actors are multiplying their relations and increasing their influence on a global scale. While nationalism and regional/global geopolitical/economic competition sometimes complexify their relationship, they seek to leverage their growing economic and political power and their soft power strategies. Some of them mobilize relays of influence and even their diasporas to defend more or less well-defined agendas in Asia and globally.

The research projects “Asian influence and Circulation” decipher these phenomena, while taking into account, from a diachronic and synchronic perspective, the dialogical and dialectical relationships maintained by Asian state, political, economic and cultural actors with their foreign interlocutors/partners (with the Western world, the Muslim world and Africa in particular).


(New) Silk Roads and Asian Influence

The two research projects within (New) Silk Roads and Asian Influence (BRIMPACT and Asia Africa Interactions and Knowledge) are part of a multi-disciplinary, trans-Asian approach. Their aim is to decipher the actions/interactions between Asian actors and those linked to other spaces, both today and over time. They pay particular attention to the Belt and Road Initiative and alternative outreach strategies, in order to better decipher their impact and reception.


Diasporas and Circulations

This research project crosses disciplinary approaches in a comparative and trans-area perspective. In particular, it examines the dynamics and movements of Asian diasporas around the world.


Circulation of Ideas in Asia

These research projects aim to renew the field of study by paying specific attention to the notion of freedom of conscience, on the one hand, and to the translation processes of European political philosophical texts and concepts in Asia, on the other.

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