Bordeaux Montaigne University and La Rochelle University are the main teaching and research hubs for Asia Pacific and South Asia in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The two universities have long been home to courses in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indo-Malaysian studies. Over the years, these programs have expanded to include South Asia and the rest of Southeast Asia.

The D2iA team was created in 2019 with the status of a provisional team, with the aim of encouraging the emergence of scientific projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS) common to both clusters. Since its creation, researchers and specialists from other establishments have joined the dynamic. Today, D2iA has approximately 20 permanent members and 30 associate members. D2iA became an accredited joint university research unit (UMRU 24140) on January 1, 2022.


The team is focused on several objectives :

  1. Create a regional center of expertise on the Asia-Pacific region.
  2. Enable Master’s and Doctoral students to participate in a Humanities and Social Sciences laboratory in the field of Asian studies.
  3. Stimulate post-graduate training by supporting doctoral grant funding projects and the creation of an “Asian Studies” doctoral specialization.
  4. Use the skills and networks of the team’s researchers to promote the interconnection and transfer of knowledge between local economic, political and cultural actors and their Asian counterparts.
  5. Provide team members with greater visibility and integration into international networks.
  6. Respond to regional, national and European calls for projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences field.
  7. Implement a publishing strategy: support for university collections and research diffusion.
  8. Enhance the team’s visibility and networks on a national and international scale by setting up scientific partnerships and a bilingual French-English website.

Maison de la Recherche – Bureau n°8
Domaine Universitaire, Esplanade des Antilles – 33607 Pessac
(+33)5 57 12 60 98 | (+33)5 57 12 68 45

Maison de l’International
1 parvis Fernand Braudel – 17042 La Rochelle Cedex 1
(+33)5 46 45 68 51

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